Tanla lens cup for The third international mobile photography exhibition

Tanla Lens Cup for The third international mobile photography exhibition of Qinyingyuepai will be held from January 3 to 5, 2020 in Qingdao, juzhishengjia (38 Hong Kong Middle Road, the first floor of sunshine department store). The types and requirements of contributions are as follows:

1. Submission category: it is divided into three parts: humanity (portrait, street photo, food); scenery (any related to pure natural scenery, including architecture); micro distance (insects, flowers, etc.); 100-150 works are planned to be exhibited.

2. Submission requirements: it must be a mobile phone work, which can accept the post-processing of the third-party software, black and white, unlimited in color, no watermark, signature and border can be added to the work, the file format is JPG, the size is not less than 1m (resolution 1280x960), and the EXIF information of the picture is provided.

3. Number of contributions: maximum 2 contributions per person

4. Submission method: from now on to December 15, send the work to ninbuki@163.com via email in the form of: work name + author + mobile phone model + text description, and indicate the contact information.

5. Award setting: after the film exhibition, three outstanding awards will be awarded for each of the three sections by the film evaluation teachers of Shandong Photography Association, and certificates and prizes will be awarded (prizes are provided by Tanla lens)

6. Entry fee:RMB 60 yuan of printing fee, production and venue fee shall be paid for each final entry.

Organizer: Qinyingyuepai mobile Photography Association

Shenzhen Tanla Optical Co., Ltd

Special statement: the copyright of the entries belongs to the participants themselves. The participants shall have independent, complete, clear and uncontested copyright of their works, and shall ensure that the works submitted by them do not infringe any rights of the third party, including copyright, portrait right, reputation right, privacy right, etc. The organizer of the exhibition shall not be responsible for any breach of contract or copyright infringement of the participants or their works, and shall reserve the right to interpret the rules.