Tanla Lens in 2020 News

2020.03 "City • First" The 4th Shenzhen International Photography Exhibition
2020.05 Shenzhen Youth Photographers Association Eighth Presidium Council
2020.06 Canada Epidemic Imaging Theme Exhibition
2020.06 "Water Without Boundaries, Heart Without Dust" Blue Dream Photography Competition
2020.07 Overseas Chinese Town Photography Contest
2020.08 The chief product spokesperson of Tianli Lens, Jianjun Wen, starts the "Art Class" series
2020.08 Tanla gold medal photographer Heng Guoliang gave a lecture on mobile photography
2020.09 The 20th Pingyao International Photography Exhibition Awards Ceremony
2020.09 Colorful Guizhou·The 13th China Original Ecology International Photography Exhibition
2020.10 The 5th Silk Road Image Expo
2020.11 The 3rd (China) Guangzhou Business Aviation Exhibition
2020.11 Beijing International Photography Week 2020 "Cloud Image" Mass Mobile Photography Event and "Tackling Hardship" Theme Mobile Photography Exhibition
2020.11 The 10th Guangzhou International Light Festival
2020.11 Be a guest of Feiyang 971-Talking about Master Bruno Barbey
2020.12 "Great American Nanshan" Photography Exhibition in Nanshan District, Shenzhen
2020.12 The Second General Assembly of the Youth Photography Association was successfully completed
2020.12 【Tanla Lens】& Meipian Mobile Photography Contest