2011-2014 Tanla News Record

2014-11 Tanla iphone 6 case release

2014-10 Hong Kong Electronic Fair Booth 3CON-121

2014-07 Tanla Upgrade Fisheye Lens ip5-F183

2014-06 Tanla Upgrade Wide Lens ip5-W045.

2014-05 SGS reapprovaled Tanla Lens to achieve compassing ROHS and Reach

2014-04 Hong Kong Electronic Fair Booth 3CON-043.

2014-01 DSLR Military Camouflage Coating Super Telephoto Lens Released.

2013-10 Universal Clip Mount for Tanla Lens Tooling Finished

2013-10 SLR Big Size Filter /CPL/ND Release 95mm,105mm,125mm,145mm.

2013-10 Hong Kong Electronic Fair Booth 3CON-121

2013-09 JHC HK is the First retailer to sell Tanla lens for chain store in Hong Kong

2013-08 New IP-5 and S4 tooling is release

2013-07 JHC HK Chain Store (Japan Home Center) will sale Tanla lens and
Make Contract and Agreement.

2013-06 Super Telephone lens for Smartphone Released

2013-04 Hong Kong Electronic Fair Booth 3CON-033

2013-01 Waterproof Smart Phone Lens released for OEM

2012-11 Brass Frame DSLR CPL 10 Sizes released

2012-12 Two New Glass Cutting and Polishing Machine are put in our Factory

2012-10 Hong Kong Electronic Fair Booth 3CON-121

2012-09 Ip-5 10 Lens+1 Cpl released

2012-08 Galaxy S3 8 Lens + 1Cpl released

2012-07 Samsung Galax S3 Screw mount Case Release

2012-06 Marco Lens and Filter and CPL for Samsung NX1000 Release

2012-05 Marco Lens and Filter For Cannon G1X Release

2012-04 Hong Kong Electronic Fair Booth 3CON-033

2012-03 ip-MC20 Microscope 20X Lens Release 

2012.01 Tanla lens passed ROHS and Reach by SGS

2011.12 Mobile Mini CPL is released

2011-11 Samsung Galax S2 Screw Mount Case Release 

2011-10 Hong Kong Electronic Fair Booth 3CON-121

2011-10 Brass UV filter released and Approved By Japan and Germany VIP

2011-08 4X Telephoto Lens IP-T39 Released

2011-06 0.5x super wide angle lens for iphone 4 released

2011-05 ip-F190 0.24x Fisheyes plus lens released

2011-04 DSLR CPL released

2011-03 ip900 patterned ok

2011-02 IPT-860 new 9x telephoto lens released

2011-01 2x telephoto lens 5th Gern. Launched

2010-12 12x Telephoto Lens with Metal shell Ip-900 Released

2010-10 South China morning Post shows iphone Lens kits on newspaper

2010-10 Screw Lens of IP-w31,IP-F180 For iphone 4 Launched

2010-09 IPT-860 Telephoto Lens 9X(Aluminum shell optical Glass)Release

2010-08 Colorful Filter is release

2010-07 Marco lens for Sony Nex-5 release

2010-06 MC Filter for EP-1/2,GF-1  Release

2010-04 Marco lens for Olympus EP-2,Panasonic GF-1 Marco lens release

2010-01 Marco Lens For Olympus EP-1 Release

2009-10 180 degree fisheye lens for Mobile phone

2009-09 Taiwan office Moved  

2009-08 CPL 9 Sizes Release

2009-04 For Canon G10 ,Panasonic Lx3,Nikon P6000 Adaptor Release

2009-01 Color convert Lens for Mobile

2008-03 1.17x Universal Magnify of View finder For SLR & DSLR

2007-12 Olympus S-P560,Canon G9  Adaptor release

2007-08 DSC-DUAL LENS M-digital(magnet Digital camera wide angle lens with Macro release)

2007-05 AR 1mm Filter achieved New 6+6 Coating

2007-02  Congratulation Factory ISO9001